The best blueberry pie recipe

The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe

 Summer is about half over, and we wanted to take any chance to enjoy the rest of summer as much as we can. My husband's family is going to have...
August 01, 2021 — Gui Zhang
tasty and soft sponge cake

Recipe for soft sponge cake

I always liked the soft sponge cake instead of the pound cake. Luckily I found this sponge cake recipe a long time ago, but never had time to make it....
April 03, 2020 — Gui Zhang
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variety of cakes on a table

New trend easter cakes

Easter is 3 weeks away, with all the bad things happening  in the world, I can’t wait easter is coming, by then everybody can go outside and enjoy the warmer...
March 24, 2020 — Gui Zhang
White and purple round cake in round clear box

How to simply decorate a flower cake-how to safely put fresh flowers on the cake

I think everybody knows that you can't just stick fresh flowers into the cake, because the chemicals on the flowers or the flowers itself might have something to hurt people....
February 18, 2020 — Gui Zhang
flowers in clear short round cake box

How to get your display box ready

Hello, this video shows you how to get started with your display boxes. Some customers first time got the boxes and disappointed, because the see the sides of the boxes...
February 10, 2020 — Gui Zhang
dont hide your cakes, show them picture

Don't hide your cakes, show them!

I used to work at grocery bakery and decorate cakes. Because the cakes are sold at a cheap price, the store would always get the quarter and half sheet flat...
February 03, 2020 — Gui Zhang