yellow flower cake in normal cake box
seventy cake in round tall cake box

I used to work at grocery bakery and decorate cakes. Because the cakes are sold at a cheap price, the store would always get the quarter and half sheet flat paper boxes to put the cakes in. No matter how good I decorate the cakes, there're  always hid inside the boxes. When customers come to pick them up, I would lift up the top to show them the cakes. If the cake is too tall, I have to tape the top of the paper box to the sides, so the top can stay up and so it doesn't touch the cake.  I am so glad I have these nice, pretty display cake boxes now, I don't have to hide my cakes anymore, and all my customers love them too, they feel like their cakes are not just cake on the table, they are more like special gifts.

cake in normal box with clear top
red and white flower cake in clear short round cake box
small cake in normal cake box with clear top
small cake in round short clear box with ribbon
February 03, 2020 — Gui Zhang