Thank you for visiting Sweet Degrees Kitchen! We are a family-owned business.

My passion for baking and cake decorations came from being around my husband’s family during birthdays and holidays where baking was part of their traditions. I was a stay-at-home mom who enjoyed spending my time in the kitchen cooking delicious food for my family. I wanted more challenges and become a professional in the pastry field. During my time in school, I learned excellent skills from experienced chefs. I experimented with different cake decorating tools and know how much those tools can help make a cake beautiful.

I worked as a cake decorator after graduation. I didn't like that I had to put beautifully decorated cakes into the short brown paper cake boxes. I spent a lot of time to decorate the cakes and then they end up be covered in ugly paper boxes. That's the reason I came up with my clear cake boxes. I love my cake display boxes. I can show all my pretty creations to my customers. My cakes become so luxurious and special as gifts inside the clear cake boxes. After dressing up the cake box with ribbon, they are so easier for customers to pick up and transport.

I’d like to share all my experience with our clear cake boxes to you, so you can show off your amazing artwork to everyone any time anywhere. I hope our clear cake boxes, cake decoration tools, and all our products will help you to be succeed with your business.

Our business relies on perfection, quality materials and customer satisfaction. Our warehouse is in a small-town in Pennsylvania of the United States. We work hard to provide you with high level cake boxes and cake decorating tools to aid your business. We are using industry approved materials while delivering quality products and an exceptional experience.

We're always excited to learn about you and your vision and are always happy to chat. Please give us any reviews, feedback, or drop us an email at We really hope you like what we do.