12 Inch Round Cake Boards Cake Drums - White Cake Drum / Gold Cake Drum

$26.00 CAD $29.00

You will get these thick strong cake boards cake drums. Each cake drum is 12 inch round and 1/2 inch thick. You can choose white cake boards or gold cake boards.
🎂 High Quality Cake Drums. Beautiful and sturdy cake boards are made with food grade cardboard with a gloss finish to make your cake stand out.
🎂 Sturdy Construction to support your cake. Over 4 layers stacked boards inside, thick and strong. You can use these cake boards for heave wedding cakes.
🎂 Perfect Size and Shapes for many occasions. Cake boards are 12 inch round and ½ inch thick, that will fit any 8 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch decorated cakes. Not just for cakes, you can use these cake boards for pizza, pie, glazed donuts and more.

🎂 Value Pack Cake Drums. With one order you will get 5 food grade cake drums. Whether you own a bakery or a small home baker, the 12 inch cake drums are the perfect choice for you.

🎂 Grease Proof Design Cake Boards. Each 12 inch round cake board has a smooth laminated layer all around, so it will hold cakes or desserts for a long time and won’t discolor. Also make it so easy to cut and serve your cake on the board.