Heat Resistant Non Stick Scraper Silicone Spatula Set 4 Pieces Plus 2 Whisks

$29.99 USD $39.99

Large Silicone Spatula Set 4 Pieces - Each spatula has extra long smooth handle that is easy to grab when you are scraping deep jars, and keeps your hands away from heat when you are cooking. There are 2 different designs and 4 different colors.

Spatula Strong and Flexible – The top of each spatula bends to match the surface when scraping. And it is strong enough to handle the toughest batters or bread dough when mixing.

Multifunction - This 4 piece silicone spatula set is great for cooking, flipping eggs, pancakes, stiring fries, mixing cake batter, icing cakes, mixing cookie batter, folding bread dough and so much more. The 2 Wider spatula heads are great for fliping and scraping. The 2 longer spatula heads are perfect for stiring and reaching.

High Quality Heat Resistant – Sweet Degrees Kitchen silicone spatula set is made with high quality silicone, BPA Free, and Food Grade certified. Each spatula is heat-resistant for cooking and baking. Best tools for your kitchen.

Easy to Clean – Spatulas are dishwasher safe which makes your life easier. After each use, just hand wash with soapy water or put them in the dishwasher. You can use the hanging holes for easy air drying and storage.

There are 2 whisks, one is yellow and one is light blue. Great for mixing all your ingredients. Build in scraper that help you scrape the bowl very easily.

These big and long handle silicone spatulas are so much better than the other regular spatulas, once you get them, you don't want to go back. They are the best kitchen utensils that are a must have. They're perfect gifts for someone who loves cooking and baking.