New trend easter cakes

Easter is 3 weeks away, with all the bad things happening  in the world, I can’t wait easter is coming, by then everybody can go outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

I also put some chocolate easter eggs inside, just want to make it more fun.

This one i put some surprise inside, just want to make it more fun.



This one i used Russian tips, you need to add more powdered sugar to make the icing more stiff, so the flowers can hold the shape.

I enjoyed making this little cute bunny, I will make a video for it latter.

More pictures to show you how the cake boxes makes the cake look great inside.




this tray cake is easy to make and looks pretty, everybody likes it so far. I put the colorful easter eggs in between and an easter chocolate bunny in the middle, easily makes it into an easter themed cake.

Here are some easter themed cupcakes . the chick ones just use the around tip pipe circle on the bottom and a dome on the top. all of them are not hard to make. the carrots on the cupcakes actually made by my 11 year old daughter .