I always liked the soft sponge cake instead of the pound cake. Luckily I found this sponge cake recipe a long time ago, but never had time to make it. Now with school stopped, me and my daughter had a great time making this cake. I adjusted the amount of sugar to make it more sweeter. We liked how it turn out, we just ate it plain for breakfast. But you can also eat with syrup or ice cream. For bakers you can use this cake for filling mousse cake, it will give a really nice texture and flavor for your cake.

This cake is using water-bath, that is a really common way for sponge cake and cheese cake. So the cakes will be moist and soft.

The ingredients you need for a 8" round and 3" tall cake pan:

Egg White: 270g     Sugar: 180g   Cream of tar tar: 1.5g    Corn starch: 5g

Yolk: 135g    Milk:90g    Veg oil: 95g     

Cake flour: 100g    Corn starch: 13g     Baking powder: 1.5g 

1. Get all the ingredients ready.

cake ingredients picture


2. Prepare the pan: rub with shortening, butter or oil on the bottom and side. Line with parchment paper.

wax paper in cake tin


3. Pre-heat the oven to 350F, put a baking sheet pan in, pour about 1" of water in the pan.

pan in oven

4. Sift the cake flour, corn starch and baking powder together in a bowl. 

whisking flower in bowl

5. Heat the oil in microwave to 185F. Check the temperature every 30 second . Be careful, the bowl will be hot.

6. Pour the heated oil into the flour mixture and stir constantly, until all combined  .

whisking flower and liquid in bowl

7.Pour the milk in and mix until smooth.

8. Add yolks in and stir until all combined, set aside .

9.Pour egg white into a clean bowl, whisk until foamy .

10. Mix corn starch, cream of tar tar and 1/3 sugar together and add into egg white.

      keep whisking.

11. Add the rest sugar in 2 times. Whisk egg white until you can see it leaves tracks and looks shiny . Pick up your whisk and turn upside down , the white will turn into a big hook, stop whisking.

White mix on whisk

12. Fold egg yolk mixture with your whipped egg white. Add 1/3 of egg white into yolk mixture and fold in gently .

white mix mixing with yellow

13.After no more egg white showing, add in the next 1/3 and fold, and add into the rest of egg white and fold until all combined , try not to over mix.

14. Pour the batter into the pan and put into the pre-heated oven.

cake batter on pan in oven

15. Bake for 60 minutes or until done. Check with a cake tester or long tooth pick, it will come out clean when cake is done. Different ovens need different time.

16. Take the cake out and put it on a rack to cool.

17. After the cake is cool, you can take it out of the pan and un-wrap it.

cake with a slice missing


Here is the whole video that my daughter is making this cake. She is 11 years old and really talented, I like working with her. Please subscribe and like our channel, we will continue making more delicious desserts with your support . Follow and like our facebook page for more pictures and posts:https://www.facebook.com/sweetdegreeskitchen/



April 03, 2020 — Gui Zhang
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