20 Sets Clear Flower Boxes with 20 Pcs 6 Inch Square Clear Cake Boxes

$200.00 USD $250.00


20 sets clear flower cake boxes with 20 of 6" clear cake boxes, that you can put in your special gifts. You can use this transparent clear box for flowers, small cakes, stuffed toys, chocolates, jewelry, candles, perfume or any other special gifts.

Each clear flower box has a see-through window, so you can show off your beautiful art work anytime and anywhere. With the handle, it is so much easier for pick up and transport. Let your customers feel more refined!

Use high quality cardboard and clear PET for these gift boxes, the plastic comes with protective film, so you don't worry about damage during transportation. Peel the films off when you ready to assemble the box, then you will have the clean and clear gift box.

The inside of gift box is divided into 2 places, you can put different gifts inside each trays , or you don’t have to use the dividers. Use you own ideas to create the most special gifts. You can try to match some ribbons and greeting cards to make your gift box more attractive! Add a light string to make your flower box shine. It is a great romantic confession artifact for someone you love!

Size for the flower cake box: 10.5" Long x 7" Wide x 12" Tall;
Size for the trays: 6" Long x 6.25" Wide x 4" Tall; 3" Long x 6.25" Wide x 4" Tall.
Size for the clear box: 6" Long x 6" Wide x 6" Tall, you can put 4" or 5" mini cakes and desserts.

These flower cake boxes arrive flat and easy to assemble. Watch our video for assembling the gift box: https://youtu.be/rnX4C3KfYzc

There, you have the most beautiful display piece of your creation!