Clear Cake Roll Boxes with Handle | Swiss Roll Cake Box

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Clear Cake Roll Boxes with Inserts and Handles. 2 different sizes you can choose for your desserts. These cake boxes have handles, you can use them for wedding favor gift boxes, or take home gifts boxes for your party guests , so easy to pick up and take away. These clear desserts boxes are also perfect for :Pumpkin Rolls, Nuts Rolls, Swiss Rolls, Bread Rolls, Long Cakes, Bridal Shower favor boxes and More.

The Cake Box is elegant, sturdy and durable. They are the best for your bake sale, everyone can see your beautiful and mouthwatering desserts through the clear boxes without touching them.

These clear boxes arrive flat and easy to assemble. Each box includes cake board, that will keep your cakes clean and sit nicely in the box, you don’t need buy extra cake boards anymore.

The clear part of the box is one piece of plastic, form and hook the bottom and top together. The base is easy to fold up and drop into the clear box. Watch the assembling video with this link:

Size of the boxes: More details check into the pictures !

Whole Swiss Cake Roll Box: 10.5" Long x 4" Wide x 7.5" Tall;
Half Swiss Cake Roll Box: 5.5" Long x 4" Wide x 7.5" Tall.

Order 20sets and get 25% off!