Diamond Cracked Egg Mold 8 Cavities - Easter Eggs Silicone Mold

$13.00 USD $16.99

You will receive ONE Diamond Cracked Eggs silicone mold with 8 cavities. High quality food grade silicone mold! This Egg Mold is great for mini cakes, Jell-O desserts, fondant, chocolate, modeling chocolate, mousse desserts, candy, soaps, candles, crafts and more! Perfect for making Easter Eggs!

You can make 8 big cracked surface eggs. Coat the inside of the mold with any color melted chocolate or candy melts, and fill with delicious cake or edible dough, cover with melted chocolate to seal. Our molds are able to go in the freezer, oven, and microwave. So they are perfect for chocolate coating cake eggs.

This silicone mold is such good ideas for your baking business or just having fun with your kids and friends at home. You can let your children add fresh fruit juice, yogurt or chocolate with heavy cream to make healthy juicy ice cream eggs together.

Flexible and Easy to clean: The inner side of the silicone mold is smooth, so the food is very easy to peel off and release. They are very flexible, you can reach all the corners to clean. Hand wash with soapy water after each use, totally dry before storage is the best.

8 Cavity Eggs Silicone Mold: 10"Long x 7"Wide;
Each Egg: 3" x 2"