15 Pcs Cake Topper Balls - Mini Balloon Cupcake Toppers - Mini Balls Cake Inserts

$16.50 USD


Each order includes 15 pieces of mini cake topper balls, 3 different sizes: 4cm,3cm and 2cm. Each sizes includes 5 balls. We have different colored balls to choose for your special themed of cakes or decorations. 

With these beautiful round shaped cake toppers, you can make an amazing cake so easy and so quick. You don’t need to prepare other tools just one iced cake. Insert the desired color balls, and then you will have a beautiful birthday or wedding cake.

The balls are made from foam, so they are light in weight. The sticks are made of wire, so you can insert them into the cakes, cupcakes or any other dessert. You can bend the wire to fit your desired position. The wire makes it really easy to hold and it saves you a lot of time.

If you want different colored balls, dip them into the colored melted chocolate, and you will get the amazing beautiful colored balls.

Note: NOT EDIBLE!!! Decorating use only! Do not wash or get wet, the paint will come off.