Peacock Pattern Reusable Fabric Mesh Stencil

$12.00 USD $17.00

Soft and easy to use!

This purple mesh stencil is very flexible and made from high quality fabric , best for wedding cake, birthday cake and any other celebration cake decoration. It helps cake decorators to create beautiful detail designs easily.

Use: Buttercream, Icing, Royal Icing, Edible paint, Airbrush or spray for cake decoration.

Perfect design for paint on wood, clays, porcelain and any other surface.

Mesh Sizes: 6in x 7.5in

Printing Sizes: 4in X 6in


For cakes: Chill the cake first , use the tape to hold stencil in place. make icing runnier than normal, smooth the icing on the stencil and use a scraper to rub the icing into the stencil.

For other surfaces : Clean the surface first , use tape to hold stencil in place and brush or airbrush with paint.

Wash with soapy warm water by hands and pat dry flat thoroughly after use.